Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ya know I don't bitch about Obama,I think they all are fucking crooks.It's all about who is sponsored the best now days,but whatever. I have waited a majority of my life wanting the Chia pet. Growing up through the 70's and 80's they advertised like crazy. Well I followed what Chia Obama told me to do for growth and it never happened. The dam plants grew in a seperate container for my kids but Obama showed no signs of growth. I was so stoked when Jeff gave me this thing. So thanks Chia pet you failed me. This is not a political rant either,but look at the sheep in the picture.I'm bored to death with this vertigo business,it seems i'm coming back around slowly. They have ran all kinds of tests on me,hooked me to wires,given shots,taken blood. "Just wait it out buddy you'll be ok,one day. "

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