Monday, July 25, 2011

All blogged out.
T shirts are still going.
To quote J.Decker " Pompadours have been traded in for lovely locks and beards"
Another good one, Blogs not Hogs. In a few months it won't be hip anymore,kinda like when the car scene blew up and you were a scenester if you had greasy hair.
Blogs have just become the new message boards and the who's who. To quote a good friend " You can ride a cool Knucklehead and be a total douchebag or ride a CB750 and be a cool dude,it's not about the bike." So beware who you put on a pedistool for owning a cool bike,it doesn't make the person. I found alot of the truely good people fly under the radar by choice.


  1. Pomps for beards thats funny man. when I was into Ska and scooters in the early 90's I saw alot of people trade there skinhead for a pomp.

  2. oh yes that happened in Detroit too. very well said. I was told years ago when i was young by a good friend that a motorcycle is a motorcycle and a asshole is a asshole. Problem is alot of assholes ride motorcycles. just wait hot pink and teal paint jobs will be back.

  3. I concur,but yr blog is a lot fun to keep up with. cheers.

  4. Who the Fuck do you think you are? Period correctness makes the man! GetAclUe DuDe