Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trip Part 1

So we caught a plane to LA,to see what all the talk was about.
Speed Merchant team is what it all about,it really does snow in the summer on the 405,Stevie enlightened me on the movies to watch to help blend in,never look them in the eyes,Prospect Steve and Mikey are rulers, " what kinda motor does the x wedge have in it?", the dog whisperer has a rad pitbull, Irish Rich just gets cooler as time goes on, Part Time ,hope you made it up north,I did'nt win the knuck,but it was cool to see the dude that did!, Nick from the Haint's is way more handsome in person,Vince ,I could look at your bike for days,Cindy FSK,Thanks for the camping spot, Dave and Lucas's pan was my fave,and the two fags that went with me kept me laughing the whole time. " Where's my teeth?" Oh and BF3 was a great show.


  1. Yeah Mike, you're a handsome fellow yourself. Wish we could have hung out more.