Monday, August 9, 2010

ATX is always fun with the Barnaby Jones space book crew

Borrowed Oliver's Bonneville took off to Austin,it was super nice just to get on it,push a button and roll.Tyler hope you had a good birthday.The Corpus crew is nothing but good vibes and laughs,and super friendly with home rolled grass from the land!! Rob did some stuntin' on the sporto,Mac is the Mack all the stories are true,Slovy, thanks! that helped my 5 hour ride home and your lady needs to get knees in the breeze,Pat thanks for the couch you're gonna be a good manny! Also I hope the neighbor can live with herself,but hey you guys live in ATX! QUOTE of the weekend " Man all the famous people were there,I bugged out and had to leave!!"


  1. I bet that quote came from the Rob. Also, the girl in the last pic of a girl is super cute.

  2. that super cute girl is my girlfriend.

  3. and thanks to Queef Latifah for letting me pass out on her couch.