Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pass it around
Years ago a few friends put this car together for a buddy that went into the Army,he got out of boot camp and we had the car finished up for him.I then bought the car a few years later and drove it for a couple of years and then sold it to Marty Smith.Well somehow down the line Marty passed it on to his brother Nick which is another old friend.Dennis McPhail came down from Kansas and did the flames for me,we taped those out and shot them in 12 hours.Dennis is a super cool guy,I did'nt even really know him,he saw the car and liked it and told me he would flame it for nothing.So now Nick has the car and it finally made it in a mag,this car has been around for 13 years,and it was my daily driver for years.Michelle the model can sing,she's out in LA doing her thing now.

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