Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gypsy queen

Ring ring!
M "Whats up buddy!"
R "HEY man i'm in town and wanna visit tomorrow morning,I saw your add and your really hot"

M -"OK just call and bring a suprise"

R "dude finish your story,you tell like five at once,damn I thought i was a space cadet!"

M" Yeah bro too many drugs,sorry what was I saying about that cool belt your wearing"

R "Whoa these pins are gonna get me laid,thanks sooo much,"

M "Ok man I've shown you my crib,and were the magic happens,but take those silly ass pipes I gave you and hit the road"

Rob is a solid straight up outta Corpus and a all around just plain cool Mexican American.Man you made my day,my bike is still fuct we shoulda worked on it.
Yes I do forget what i'm talking about, sometimes even were I left my bike.
You did'nt smell at all,glad you had Pumas on,take care of that tattoo it looked gnarley.See you down by the sea.Long distant relationships can work.

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