Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I like Max's bike a lot and think it's right on. I wonder what it would look like w/ out the wheel cover.

I like highly finished period bikes like Scott Craig's. They're really expensive to build.

I'm particularly fond of bikes that make no sense, like that Mochi guys. That's one of my favoritest bikes ever. Tons of the Japanese bikes are senseless and that's fun.

It does bug me though when people try to define their bikes by the parts on them (Bates, Aris, Wassel, etc.) and pay a bunch of money thinking that shit is going to make them the next 'fifteen minutes of fame' chopper building hero. The same thing happens in the Hot Rod world, but it's way worse.

I guess all of this is why I have a few bike projects going at once. It's fun to build different styles of stuff. I like riding, but I like building more. It's what I've chosen to do my 'advanced studies' in, when I should probably focus the energy on getting a Masters or help feed the homeless.

I don't have the luxury of having tons of local friends who are into period bikes, choppers, diggers, whatever and want to ride all the time. I wish I did.

All that said, I'm about ready to quit this message board shit altogether. You can't ever really get to know someone unless you're face-to-face. And it seems like this has all turned into just one more way to reach for the bar of fame. That turns my stomach. I'd rather let my bikes speak for themselves. If they end up on some message board, so be it. They won't be put there by me. Read it ..


  1. Well said...... and you can't beat a rad shop and a girl with a shot-gun....... Keep on keepin' on.........

  2. Realest shit I read in a minute. Wish I could have heard it.